Our unique electrical design and planning software

PlanSmart™ means you no longer have to guess or visualise whether you have enough light switches or if your power points are in the right place. We’ve developed some very clever software that allows you to see how your electrics will function once your home is built. This is your chance to make sure you have the right lighting, switches, climate control, security, internet access and integrated technologies to match the life you want to live.


How it works

Your consultant will open your building plan in PlanSmart™ and overlay your standard electrical plan. On screen you’ll see a clear and simple visual representation of how everything will connect and work. From here, they’ll step you through every room, asking questions and assessing the practicality and efficiency of every detail so you’ll end up with a home that runs the way you want it to and caters to your specific needs. See the process. Then the power of PlanSmart™ really shines through. Our innovative software will generate an updated electrical plan that even includes product quantities and specifications to help with your costings. What could be simpler?

The advantages to you

With PlanSmart™ you can avoid things like rooms that are dimly lit, power points in awkward positions, inadequate air conditioning or weak spots in your security system. Oversights at planning stage can turn into real annoyances when you move in. PlanSmart™ removes the guesswork and allows you to fine-tune, identify problem areas and ensure your house will have everything it needs to be a comfortable and fully functioning home. PlanSmart™ also ensures that no technical detail is overlooked. The intuitive interface covers all aspects of safety and functionality and generates technically sound electrical plans to give straight to your builder.

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